18 October 2002

Poles Apart (Part 2)

Following on from last week's snippet local business man, Paul Trevorrow, has now said he will withdraw permission for the police communications mast to be sited on the unit his business occupies in the Penbeagle industrial estate.

With local government and local residents both strongly opposed to the installation of the mast this leaves the police as the only people who want it. So, given the state of democracy under Saddam Blair, I suppose we can confidently expect Blair's politburo to give it the go-ahead!

Open Wharf-are!

Well, the public meeting with the company undertaking a study with a view to future development of St. Ives harbour certainly raised a few eyebrows and hackles.

The suggestion that the Fishermen's Lodges be removed had local fishermen (and other locals) suggesting that the consultants should take a locally-caught crustacean and insert it in an orifice where the sun does not shine!

Also, unceremoniously booted into touch was the suggestion that the St. Ives Museum be re-located (a nice euphemism for urban, as opposed to the equally euphemistic ethnic, cleansing) to make way for a 250 room hotel. 

Already, it seems that the 'experts' have rapidly established a reputation for zero credibility as far as their masterplan for St. Ives goes.

The End Of The End?

Everyone is being told to carry on business as usual at nearby tourist trap, Land's End, despite news that its (presumed) owner, Kevin Leech, has been declared bankrupt.

Officially, there is nothing to worry about because the Land's End company is owned by a secretive trust in Jersey and not by Mr. Leech. Mind you, it was an accountant who said that and you know what they said about Enron ...

Bits And Pizzas

Good news for the St. Ives grub trade, still reeling from the savaging administered by Andrew Macdonald in his review, Who Waits For The Waiters?.

The OnShore (down on the Wharf at the Lifeboat end if you're looking for it) has been short-listed (or should that be short-crusted?) by the Pizza, Pasta & Italian Foods Industry Awards 2002 for Pizza Restaurant of the Year.

And You Think I'm Weird!

Conclusive proof that in this benighted day and age even reality is negotiable, Truro College has just hosted the sixth annual UFO conference!

Apparently, the talks ranged from the ancient impact of ufology [bless you!] to how governments have covered up the truth of the existence of aliens.

So, at last we have at least a couple of potential explanations for the appalling incompetence of our government. Either all these cock-ups are deliberate to distract us from the real conspiracy or it's because this is the first time that agents 'Tony' and 'Cherie' have worked with humans!

Who Cares?

Delighted to say that our Texas correspondent Ed Care (see E-Mails Section under Care In The Community, Home Care and Mobile Home?) successfully made it back to his ancestral ranch in St. Ives. We met up at the Sloop Meat Draw last night (18 October) and a good time was had by all (although disappointingly he didn't win the shopping trip to New York!).

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