21 February 2003

Welcome To The Weird West! (Part 3)

Hm, let's just run through the list of things to look out for while travelling in Penwith.

Ruined Mines? Check.

Spectacular coastline? Check.

Rolling blue sea? Check.

Rampaging packs of llamas? Check .....

Do what? I've heard of the Beast of Bodmin but no one mentioned the possibility of being trampled to death by stampeding llamas.

Apparently, the Andean Antelopes (or whatever they are) are becoming more prevalent in the area and last week two made a determined bid for freedom before being cornered and arrested by the long lasso of the law.

In a classic moment of understatement eyewitness, Roger Brown, said, "My wife and I were walking in the Trewellard Hill area when we came across two llamas being chased by the police. It is not the sort of thing you expect to see on Sunday morning in Pendeen"!

A Taxing Problem

Is violent insurrection the only reasonable course of action?

Apparently, according to doom-laden newspaper reports, we are all about to get hammered for substantial increases in Council Tax.

One of the main causes of this is the £3m whole being blown in the budget by the 11,000 holiday homes in the county, which currently only pay 50% of the going rate.

Which would be perfectly fair if they only got medical treatment 50% of the time they needed it or the fire brigade only attended their burning homes every other domestic fire!

Better Late Than Never?

Or not, as the case may be.

Anyway, in case you missed it on the front page, the Reporting Team have finally finished colouring the piccies for the new Gurnard's Head feature (see Gurn With The Wind).

So, if, like us, you found that walking the coast path from St. Ives to Zennor and back again was just too easy you can now extend your range of operations. Or, if you nearly died on the coast path but couldn't find the field path, all is revealed.

Happy walking!

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