22 October 2004

Thought For The Week

T'ee er n'akin scaa agh t'ee foast bio.

[She has seen a ghost but she is still alive.]

Going Down In Blames?

Some of you may recall the report last June of the four year old who tragically drowned at Portheras Cove near Pendeen. At the inquest in Truro this week the boy's mother called for better signs to alert bathers to the dangers of swimming at beaches.


What difference would it make?

I suppose it might make it easier for someone to blame everyone else for the fact that they took a four year old to a beach that is directly open to the ATLANTIC OCEAN (the existence of which, I think, is fairly well documented) and ignored the signs that said the beach was closed to bathers (due to shipwreck debris).

I fail to see how any measures taken down here can save people from their own stupidity and negligence.

(Half) Terms Of Endearment!

There. Conclusive proof that god doesn't like emmets. Here we are, it's half term and .....

..... the weather is nearly as feral and laniferous as the Shauns.

When you see the bedraggled families trudging soggily through the wind and rain and think that they are paying hundreds of pounds for the privilege of this experience, well ....., you've got to laugh, haven't you? I'm sure god does!

Ship-Shaped And Bristol Fashion?

Hm. Has one of our regular correspondents been keeping secrets from us? Can we look forward to more direct visitations? Can I get a decent haircut?

Appearing mysteriously in this week's Cornishman ...  helen.jpg (39246 bytes)


Bizarre goings on down here. On Thursday the weekly edition of the Cornishman failed to appear. The non-appearance was blamed on technical difficulties with the print run.

Immediately rumours began to spread that the printing machines had exploded after trying to print the unprintable, to mention the unmentionable and perpetrate a deed of such unspeakable vileness that the universe had rebelled in disgust.

The rumours were true!

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

castle dungeon.jpg (324653 bytes)

Here Isn't The News

The gnus will probably be late next week. I will probably be 'the late' next week. If so, please feel free to make up your own news bulletin.

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