23 May 2003

Slimline News

Sorry, folks, but it will be news in brief this week because (a) not a fat lot has happened and (b) we've been slaving all week over the St. Michael's Way feature and are a little pressed for time.

Reaching Double Figures

Tate St. Ives is reaching its 10th anniversary. While we will no doubt have to put up with the troublesome teens in the future it is at least finally starting to show a little maturity.

They are putting on an expedition of Barbara Hepworth stuff which makes a pleasant change from the usual guff they put on.

Lordy, a St. Ives artist featured at the Tate, whatever will they some up with next?

Mayor Nays!

The Reporting Team did ask new mayor, Harry Isaacs, for an in-depth interview for Spooky St. Ives but he turned us down on some flimsy excuse, like he was supposed to be concentrating his efforts on running the town.

Nevertheless, for old times' sake, he did pose for a number of unexclusive photos during his mayoral inauguration last Monday:-

Harry and Lynne, that's Mr and Mrs Mayor to you, emerge from the Guildhall to face the music. harry1.jpg (52232 bytes)
The Mayor is required to serve up Saffron Buns with which he is ritually pelted by the citizens of St. Ives! harry4.jpg (48257 bytes)
You did know that, didn't you, Harry? harry5.jpg (48227 bytes)
Ladies and Gentlemen, please step forward and select your weapon. harry9.jpg (55922 bytes)
Fed up with the pelting Harry decided to chuck a few back while his tormentors were distracted having a slurp out of the Loving Cup. harry13.jpg (50078 bytes)
"No, seriously, Lynne, last year someone chucked a home-made Saffron Bun that was this big"! harry14.jpg (48688 bytes)
Better swig some local anaesthetic, then! harry15.jpg (51303 bytes)

And so a good time was had by all. Harry's sprogs came all the way back from the USA for the event and Harding (ex-Mayor) said the evening bash was quite a hoot.

We look forward to interesting times!

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