23 November 2001

The Best-Laid Plans .....

The long-running soap opera that is the Hayle Harbour Redevelopment scheme grinds on remorselessly. To date the scheme has been in, out, in, out and shaken all about. It is presently doing the hokey-cokey in the hope that they will be able to go ahead without having to go through a Public Enquiry.

If it does go to a Public Enquiry the problem could solve itself. If it takes as long as the PE into Terminal 5 at Heathrow then by the time a decision is reached global warming will probably have resulted in the entirety of Hayle being underwater anyway!

The main opposition has come from (the profoundly unloved down here by Cornish nationalists) English Heritage, the RSPB and local fishermen.

In addition, there have been fears voiced in town that the improvements to the harbour facilities across the bay might produce the 'Channel Tunnel Effect' and lead to a dramatic influx of Hayle Boatpeople into St. Ives!

Remember, Remember the 11th September

Penwith Housing Association have named their new oldies home in Hayle after former local Rick Rescorla, who died in the World Trade Centre.

If I remember rightly, Rick was cited by Robin Williams in the Tribute To Heroes fundraiser show the Americans put on in the immediate aftermath.

Flower Power

St. Ives' floral festoons scored a top certificate in the tricky away leg of the recent International Challenge Competition. Having qualified for the European Champions' League by winning something in the Britain In Bloom compo, St. Ives were narrowly beaten for top spot by the Swiss (who, of course, had the added advantage of having their own gnomes!).

St. Ives ritually decks the town each Summer with more floral displays than you can shake a stick at. Hayfever sufferers be warned.

Cubs And Robbers

The St. Ives Scouts based at Ayr have had 25 paving slabs nicked. The paving stones were earmarked for refurbishing their HQ but were swiped within 48 hours of being delivered.

Police are said to be looking for anybody who has recently acquired a hernia and a new patio. If we catch up with them first they can add 'and with no teeth' to the description.

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