24 January 2003

Something Fishy Going On?

Following on from a previous report we are now informed that Hayle fish merchants , Hawkins, have had a third incident of piscine pilferage.

In addition to the two tanks of live lobsters recently swiped they have now had a consignment of fresh sea bass blagged. Police are baffled and so far, sniffer dogs have failed to turn up any clues. Maybe they should use the police sniffer cats.

The Road To Ruin

Visitors planning to raid St Ives in the near future should bring sleeping bags and extra sarnies if they are coming by car as it has just been announced that the main road into town is going to be resurfaced.

The work will go from the PO in Cardboard Bay all the way to the Malakoff and is being carried out now to avoid 'the holiday periods when St. Ives is busy'.

Now, given that the aforementioned 'holiday periods when St. Ives is busy' usually consist of every school holiday and half-term and that it took forever for them to sort out the roadworks on the Trenoweth bends ..... the future looks neither bright nor orange for car travellers.

Better luck next year!

Don't Forget The Paddle!

Oh, and if you do manage to negotiate the roadworks and get into St Ives  this year you may be less than enthused to learn that beautiful St Ives Bay is now getting extra sewage waste pumped into it by South West Water. Apparently, SWW got a boot up the bum from the Environmental Agency because of the state of their other nearby dumping spot, Loe Pool near Porthleven. Their solution to the problem of how to improve the water quality there is to stop using the site and dump all the surplus cack in St Ives Bay instead.

Still, if you do fall overboard during a boat trip in St Ives Bay this year don't worry if you don't know how to swim ..... all you'll have to do is go through the motions!

It's Getting Parky Outside

St Ives Town Council (see below) have come up with a quite stunningly brilliant scheme to solve St Ives' chronic parking problem. Why not build a multi-storey car park by the train station?

Presumably this is a quite different multi-storey car park than the one that just about everyone in St Ives has been screaming at the council to build for years.

Another day, another cunning plan!

How could the place function without them?

St Ives Town Council calling the tune!

Elsewhere, Penwith District Council have confirmed that they will be increasing the cost of parking both for visitors and residents. It's now going to cost £280 for a reserved resident's car parking space (the waiting list for which starts in the 19th century)!

The 'pay and display' charges are going up as well as apparently the £1 million or so a year that PDC currently gouges out of St Ives isn't enough.

Silver Coast

The South West Coast Path is celebrating (although we doubt it will be attending cocktail parties and publicity shoots in the West End) its Silver Jubilee.

Yes, 25 years on and still going strong (unlike some of the people who have walked it, some of whom haven't been seen since they set off 25 years ago)!

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