26 March 2004

Thought For The Week

Ta mee cur dwoaie da'n voddey

That's just a little present for Winwaloe to work out in retaliation for his forcing me to labour long and hard this week defending fortress St. Ives.

If you're wondering, it refers to my feelings towards Tony Blah!

[I dislike the dog.]

Not Waving But ... !

Bit of a thin news week this time round.

As you will see if you tune into this week's e-mus, much of my time has been taken up putting the world to rights with Winwaloe.

I have been trying to update the useful/less links pages but haven't finished so expect them to be even more tangential and obscure than usual.

Oh God, How Many More?

A propos of the previous report on the waste of RNLI resources fishing suicidal stiffs (or floppies depending on the length of immersion) out of the sea, we now have to thank the great British public for making things worse.

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed that the weather was rather stormy last weekend. Undeterred, some anonymous 76 year old halfwit left his holiday home in Sennen Cove last Sunday to go swimming in what were described as "horrendous" sea conditions.

Unsurprisingly, he didn't come back, which meant a massive operation by the Coastguards, RNLI and RNAS Culdrose peeps to try to locate him. The winds at the time were estimated to be Force 7 to Force 8, one of the man's sons subsequently revealed that he had a heart condition.

While it might seem harsh to berate a dead bloke, such a monumental act of imbecility can not be let go by without comment. Other people had to put their own lives at risk to try and rescue or retrieve this idiot.

Taking Coals To Newcastle?

Rather odd business success story cropped up this week. Rigibore Ltd., a precision tool-manufacturing outfit from Hayle, are expanding their operations, having tapped into a lucrative new market.

The odd thing being that the new market is ..... Poland!

Nowt wrong with a local success story but it does seem rather ironic when the prophets (profits?) of doom are predicting that the UK is going to get flooded by cheap labour and goods from the likes of Poland when the EU empire expands.

Still look on the bright side as I always say (hem, hem!). This must mean that Rigibore have top products and salesmen .... otherwise it might mean that we are undercutting Poland because we're poorer than they are!

Home On The Range?

Oh, button it. Yes, I know what you're going to say ..... here I go again on the subject of you-know-what but I can't help it. This is what's in the news.

The development of the Roach's Garage site in Carbis Bay continues apace. 28 apartments/flats will be built out of which 8 will be allocated as "affordable homes".

Not exactly a major breakthrough on the housing front but better than a bite on the bum. The depressing thing is that even though Penwith District Council applied strict conditions on eligibility (e.g. can't be able to buy on the open market, must have lived in SI/CB for at least three years, must be genuine first-time buyers, must be considered in housing need by PDC), there were still over 300 applicants for the 8 properties.

37 applicants have been selected and the eight 'winners' will be drawn in a lottery. Now, that is going to put a lot of strain on a lot of underwear when the draw takes place!

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