27 August 2004

Thought For The Week

Cha bee'm goll dys Balley Chashtal mairagh.

[I won't be living in Castletown tomorrow.]

Come Hayle Or High Water!

Reported on the Cornwall CAMRA website (www.carnmenellis.demon.co.uk)

"Meanwhile, further west the Cornish Arms in Hayle, a CAMRA Kernow flagship pub on account of the consistently high quality of its real ales, also took water as rain drained off the hillside behind the town.  Locals watched in bemused horror as the flood swept through the bar, but being unable to do anything else at the time simply carried on drinking.  Feet raised, no doubt."

Winwaloe's Back

Sorry about that.

Eggs-rated Action!

The annual St. Ives raft race took place last Friday with nearly all the usual jollity and frivolity. Except this year the spectators had to make do with hurling just flour bombs at the competitors as eggs were banned for fear of causing injury.


And getting tanked up, rowing a rickety home-made raft across the harbour to grab a mermaid and row back is, of course, perfectly safe!

Ever Wondered Why ...

... Winwaloe never actually puts in an appearance in St. Ives?

A Fan Writes (Part 1)

Don't know if anyone spotted Terry Christian's diatribe in the travel section of the Sunday times t'other week. He moaned that St. Ives was a completely child unfriendly place. Which is not true as it is only some of us who can't stand the little buggers. He whinged that he couldn't find any restaurants that would feed his sprogs and when he did the staff had the sheer gall to look disapprovingly when his toddler started acting up like an overindulged brat.

Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, the man is obviously an idiot because

  1. he also complained that the sea was cold (St. Ives clearly being so hostile to children that they couldn't even be bothered heating the Atlantic for his sprogs)
  2. and I have no idea how he failed to find restaurants that would tolerate his sprogs. Last night we went to Russets for my nephew's burpday and a general family get-together. Got fed, watered, had the table for two and a half hours, the waiting staff were courteous and attentive, they even produced colouring books and pencils for the sprogs. All on the Friday night of the August Bonk Holiday.

Terry Christian? More like that Viz character, Terry F***wit, methinks!

A Fan Writes (Part 2)

Highlights of a letter from a St. Ives resident as promulgated in this week's Cornishman:-

The West Country as a whole and Devon and Cornwall especially are rapidly becoming a Mecca for the get rich quick brigade, who are only interested in exploiting the local area to their advantage.

..... if nothing is done to stop this over-development catering solely for tourists, the heart of many of our local communities will disappear. Within my lifetime locals have almost been banished from Downalong in St. Ives.

Our way of life is fast disappearing, gobbled up by "carpet-baggers" interested only in monetary gain. These people will move on when there is nothing left to exploit to devastate somewhere else.

Still, as Winwaloe points out, as long as a few people are making a pile of money that's what's important.

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