27 September 2002

Visitors Welcome Shock!

In case you were wondering (or moaning), not all visitors are greeted with open hostility. No sirree Bob. Some of them are most welcome. Especially if they are Spooky St. Iveans (and buy drinks)!

Here's the evidence.

Regular users (and abusers) of Spooky St. Ives should be familiar with the entertaining e-mail contributions from the almost legendary Andrew Macdonald. Well, Andrew and Helen were down in the old town just this week and even got to meet up with the Reporting Team for a few jars.

See, civilised behaviour. It's really not that difficult, is it?

Andrew and Helen Macdonald meet the Spooky St. Ives Reporting Team in the Union Inn, St. Ives, Cornwall Andrew and Helen chill out with some of the Reporting Team down the Union!

Fly Me To The Moon

Quelle surprise!

In one of the year's most expected developments the inflatanauts have abandoned their attempt to launch the British space age in their stratosphere-defying balloon.

The inflatanauts are threatening to return for another attempt next year. Given their previous ditherings we would suggest that they start the countdown on January 1st.

In the meantime, if there are any children's' entertainers out there who are interested in a cheap and extensive supply of material to make balloon animals out of .....

Bogged Down With Paperwork

Ooh, how can you resist such a tempting offer?

An application is to be put before the Penwith planners next week to convert the public toilets in the Park Avenue car park into offices. Won't you just enjoy sitting at your desk contemplating ..... all those who have gone before, sitting there contemplating!

Stoned On Magic Mushrooms?

You've got to laugh sometimes, haven't you. Nothing to do with St. Ives really, other than the Camborne Ghetto isn't that far away and, well, the story just proves what a weird bit of the world this is.

Snippet from the West Briton - 'Theft of Granite Mushrooms'.

We kid you not. Police are asking for any information relating to the theft of three miniature granite mushrooms (14-18 inches high) , swiped from a garden in Camborne.

We would suggest that they direct their enquiries towards those rather confused, disappointed and distinctly un-high new age travellers in the camper van down the road!

A Poor Performance!

Whinge, whinge, whinge. That's all I ever get accused of. Well, for all you nay-sayers here is the official evidence.

The first public consultation exercise took place this week to assess how best to try and improve matters for families in the area under the government's Sure Start Programme. Government statistics show that the St. Ives North and South and Gwinear and Gwithian wards, which contain over 750 children, are in the top 20% of the UK's poorest.

So, all those well-off people you see wandering around town when you come down can't be locals, then, can they?

Oh, and in another (EU, we think) economic survey Cornwall ranked 182nd (out of two hundred and something) in Western Europe on the affluentometer.

Now, you were telling us about how rich the tourism industry is making us ...

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