28 March 2003


Honestly, how can you fail to spot something that big?

Yet, somehow the RMS Mulheim, a German-owned, Polish-crewed cargo ship, has managed to crash into Sennen Cove (near Land's End). Presumably nobody had told them that the British Isles were there!

In time honoured tradition, the fuel oil (now dispersed) was allowed to leak out all over the sea and the authorities have now decided that they can't refloat the boat so they are just going to leave it there to fall to bits eventually.

What a fantastic aid to the natural splendour of Cornwall's coastline!

'S funny how everybody gladly points out how much money Cornwall derives from tourism but no one ever does anything about problems that are likely to adversely affect it.

So, if you do go down to the once picturesque Sennen Cove this Summer and find yourself swimming in an oil slick or getting brained by floating debris at least you'll have the consolation of knowing where it came from!

The Only Way To Make Something Foolproof .....

..... is, of course, to prevent fools from using it.

News from a little closer to home (and to the bone!) this week. On Monday Yours Truly managed to run his finger through with a rather large and sharp knife.

Rushed to the quacks to have it stuck back together again only for it to fall apart again the following day. Consequently, (1) I'm signed off 'til Sunday at the earliest and (2) I have now been reduced to a one-fingered typist. So, if this week's update seems a trifle thin and/or bloodstained .....

Too Many Cooks?

St. Ives had an unusual visitor last Tuesday when the replica of Captain Cook's ship, The Endeavour, parked briefly in St. Ives Bay on its way to the new Notional [sic] Maritime Museum at Falmouth.

Captain Cook was, of course, famous for sailing most of the way round the world only to come to grief in St. Ives when he landed, was mistaken for a second homeowner and promptly run through with a spear!

Dammed If You Do And Damned If You Don't

Our condolences to the families of the seven personnel from RNAS Culdrose (just down the road outside Helston) who were killed in the helicopter crash right at the start of the Iraqi War.

Regardless of your feelings on the justification or otherwise of the war these were the blokes whose helicopters a lot of you will have seen buzzing round the Island and St. Ives Bay, fishing out the occasional stranded sailor/fisherman/surfer/kidonaninflatablethingy. Hardly warmongering savages despite what the politicians and propagandists might like to claim.

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