29 August 2003

Things You've Missed (And We haven't Got Time To Report)

House blows up in St. Just

St. Ives lifeboat day best ever (and my mate, Watkin, even got his piccy in the paper doing some 'rescuing').

22nd Century arrives ..... in Ludgvan of all places! (The first geothermal energy heating to be fitted in existing housing association homes in the UK in case you were wondering).

The Festival-less Fringe is due to kick off next Friday. Harding is doing his Down-a-long poems again so expect weirdness.

and finally .....

Darwin Award Nomination

A bloke drowned last Saturday near Godrevy. A non-swimmer he went into the water to try to help his two sprogs who were playing on body boards in the notorious Red River, which crosses the beach to flow into the sea.

The Red River creates rip currents which are particularly severe at high tide and the area is permanently red-flagged by the lifeguards. There are also warning signs around the area.

Despite lifeguards reaching the man within five minutes it is believed he suffered some sort of seizure while in the water and was pronounced dead on arrival after being flown by helicopter to Treliske.

Penwith's beach manager and chief lifeguard, Phil Drew, said "We have got to try and get the message across because people who are refusing to obey directions and the lifeguards, who are there for people's safety, are frequently being verbally abused."

To emphasise the impossibility of protecting the public from their own stupidity he went on to say, "We were trying to resuscitate this man and people were walking past us and going into the water when the red flag was up." 

And you wonder why we regard emmets as absolute f***wits?

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