29 October 2004

Thought For The Week

Screeu sheese ooilley ta mee gra.

[Write down all that I am saying.]

Feral And Laniferous

No, not the Shauns, the weather. Wahey, we've had some cracking storms this week. I think my favourite must have been Tuesday when the wind was howling to such a degree that it was effectively sand-blasting anything on the Wharf. Especially the ems. They looked like little flocks of lost arctic explorers as they staggered into the teeth of the gales, hunched over in their cagoules. I wonder how many of them ended up 'doing an Oates'.

St. Ives itself stood up to the weather quite well. Quite a few of the establishments on the Wharf had to be sandbagged because of the high tides but there was no repeat of the 2002 flood despite a number of mini monsoons. Penzance was not so lucky. The prom had to be closed and if you bought the local papyri this week you'd have been treated to some excellent piccies of the town doing a very good impression of New York in that The Day After Tomorrow disaster movie. Serves them right for building an east-facing town. Silly sods.

Meanwhile, sensible St. Ives had built itself in a sheltered bay, which meant that for most of the week we were treated to a mini re-enactment of Dunkirk as the whole world (and his boat) parked in St. Ives Bay to ride out the storm. We had three tankers (sadly no free petrol, though), a cement carrier and a bloody enormous boat which turned out to be a Royal Auxiliary Fleet supply ship. I mean, it was humongous. I t nearly blotted out the Island.

You've Been (Zimmer) Framed!

And so The Great Evil is upon me.

I said I'd die before I got to forty and this morning it certainly felt like I'd died and gone to hell!

Still, ignoring my loathsome presence, it seemed that a moderately good time was had by several who gathered for my wake at the Slurp. The Reporting Team have had some new additions, Nigel the Slug (very plush and squishy) and Frank the Jogging Tortoise (see Creature Comforts) care of my nephew and niece. Apart from the jogging bit they obviously know their uncle well.

I also got a pressie from Mad Jenny. And so, despite all my fears, I discovered that, after all .....

duck.jpg (40122 bytes)

..... someone did give a flying duck!

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm just going to soak my head in a bucket of soluble aspirin for a few hours.

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