Jelly was confined to the slave pits on the May Day Bank Holiday but the Reporting Team were able to sneak out and get some piccies of the frivolities. (Details of the frivolling below). Fortunately, the place was so full of weirdly dressed people that the Reporting Team were able to blend into the crowd without drawing attention to themselves!

The Mayor and her consort kick off the celebrations ... may42.jpg (45470 bytes) ... No, hang on, I think this is them. It's so difficult to tell clowns and local politicians apart! may25.jpg (56952 bytes)
C'mon, ring your bell and give us a smile you miserable old git ... may17.jpg (55944 bytes)

... that's better.

may18.jpg (59727 bytes)
Nobody can accuse St. Ives of not moving with the times ... may23.jpg (55742 bytes) ... just not necessarily the same times as the rest of the world is moving to! may31.jpg (54036 bytes)
Members of Cubs Jihad march demanding equal rights (and smaller flags) ... may26.jpg (66698 bytes) ... while older urchins are forced to beg for a crust.

(How can you resist those pleading eyes?).

may37.jpg (64911 bytes)
Elsewhere, the local Lions ply unsuspecting visitors with the local delicacy, mackerel-on-a-stick! may10.jpg (58788 bytes) While an American tourist begins to regret ordering a medium-sized pasty. may24.jpg (51885 bytes)
Novel attempts to sell cheap accommodation near to the harbour proved only partially successful. may9.jpg (62952 bytes) The local witch doctor works on some voodoo dolls ... may4.jpg (66056 bytes)
... looks like he has got a bit of an 'agenda' with most of the town's leading figures. may1.jpg (48727 bytes) Warning! Voodoo doll thieves are operating in this area. may2.jpg (56665 bytes)
A small boy is amused by an impressive organ. may13.jpg (65044 bytes) may38.jpg (60644 bytes) So, obviously no S Club 7, then!

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