The Reporting Team's Christmas Mystery Play 2003

Volume II

It was on Tuesday, March the 16th 1896 just after we had finished our Christmas dinner when two people entered abruptly. They were a retired local businessman, Mr. Mortimer Tregennis, and his landlady, the vicar of the parish, Mrs. Gill Trerichards.

"Mr. Holmes," said the vicar in an agitated voice, "The most extraordinary and tragic affair has occurred during the night. It is the most un-heard of business. We can only regard it as a special Providence that you should chance to be here at the time, for in all England you are the one man we need." Sherlock Holmes is surprised by the vicar!

"Perhaps I had best say a few words first," she continued. "Our friend here spent last evening at a house, Chy An Indians, over in St. Ives playing cards for high stakes in the company of two visitors, a Mr. Tremacdonald and a Mrs. Trebristol, and a pseudo-local, a Mr. Trejelly. Having lost heavily and run out of cash Mr. Tregennis left shortly after ten o'clock with the other three seemingly in good spirits. This morning, while out for a walk in that direction, he was overtaken by the carriage of Dr. Trehawthorne, who explained that she had just been sent for on a most urgent call to Chy An Indians.

"When they arrived at Chy An Indians they found an extraordinary state of things. The man, woman and thingy were seated around the table exactly as Mr. Tregennis had left them, the cards still spread in front of them along with several unopened flagons and the candles burned down to their sockets. Mr. Trejelly lay back stone-dead in his chair, while Mr. Tremacdonald and Mrs. Trebristol sat on each side of him laughing, shouting, and singing, the senses struck clean out of them. All three of them, the dead thingy and the two humans, retained upon their faces an expression of the utmost horror - a convulsion of terror which was dreadful to look upon."

"I will look into this matter," Holmes said at last. "On the face of it, it would appear to be a case of a very exceptional nature. We shall walk over to the house (using my internet maps) but first I must ask you a few questions, Mr. Mortimer Tregennis. Tell me about last night."

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