The Reporting Team's Christmas Mystery Play 2003

Volume V

On enquiry Holmes determined that the other usual occupants of the house, friends of Mr. Trejelly who ran a very small cuddly news and publishing business, had left that very day due to the horrors which had occurred. All but one, a young sheep, who was seriously ill upstairs. I went up to the bedroom and, indeed, discovered a small sheep prostrate in bed, deliriously wandering in and out of consciousness. A brief medical examination was more than sufficient to determine that the invalid, a Mr. Shaun Tresheep, would need many months of intensive care if he were to have any chance of recovering from his ailment.

The invalid babbled deliriously, raving as he slipped in and out of consciousness. Shaun The Sheep was ill in bed in St. Ives.

Meanwhile downstairs, Holmes questioned Mr. Treorm and Mrs. Tregiftig who answered all his questions without shedding much further light on the gruesome affair.

"What will you do now?" Holmes enquired.

"Well, we would have liked to rejoin Mr. Trejelly's family at St. Ives," she replied.

"Then, by all means do so," Holmes suggested.

"We can't, sir," Mr. Treorm sighed. "The family home was bulldozed to make room for more second homes and holiday accommodation."

"Well, surely you can still rejoin the family elsewhere," Holmes retorted.

"Oh no, sir, we can't do that. The family were still in the home when it was bulldozed!"

"Quick, Watson, to the Engine Inn!" cried a mortified Holmes.

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