The Reporting Team's Christmas Mystery Play 2003

Volume VIII

No cajoling from Holmes could persuade me to re-enter the soup mine and so we returned to our cottage where we discovered that we had a visitor. Neither of us needed to be told who the visitor was. The blue body, the smiling face with the fierce eyes and little black pointy nose, the neatly arranged spikes and the frictionless trainers, all these were as well known in London as in Africa, and could only be associated with the tremendous personality of Mr. Sonic Trehedgehog, the legendary explorer and hula-hoop hunter.

Hula hoops, hula hoops, gotta catch them all .....

..... and stuff them up that piddlingly pathetic pokemon, Pikachu's .....

[Now, now, Sonic, Holly might be reading this!]

Sonic The Hedgehog, legendary hero (and hedgehog), was living in St. Ives.

We had heard of his presence in this district and had once or twice caught sight of a blue figure speeding along the moorland paths. He made no advances to us, however, nor would we have dreamed of doing so to him, as it was well known that it was his love of seclusion which caused him to spend the greater part of the intervals between making computer games and videos in West Cornwall. It was a surprise to me, therefore, to hear him asking Holmes in an eager voice whether he had made any advance in his reconstruction of this mysterious episode. "The St. Ives police are utterly useless, as usual," said he, "But perhaps your wider experience has suggested some conceivable explanation. I may tell you that I was on my way to Japan to make a new game but the news reached me this morning and I came straight back again to help in the inquiry."

Holmes raised his eyebrows.

"Did you lose your flight through it?"

"I will take the next."

"Was your baggage aboard the plane?"

"Some of it but the main part is in Camborne?"

"Camborne?" Holmes looked quizzically. "What would it be doing there?"

"It was stolen. That's where most stolen goods usually end up."

"How did you find out about the tragedy?" Holmes asked. "Surely this event could not have made its way into the morning papers."

"No, sir; I had a telegram."

"Might I ask from whom?"

A shadow passed over the face of Mr. Trehedgehog.

"You are very inquisitive, Mr. Holmes."

"It is my business."

With an effort Mr. Trehedgehog recovered his ruffled composure.

"I have no objection to telling you," he said. "It was Mrs. Trerichards, the vicar, who sent me the telegram which recalled me."

"Thank you," said Holmes. "I may say in answer to your original question that I have not cleared my mind entirely on the subject of this case, but that I have every hope of reaching some conclusion. It would be premature to say more."

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