Thought For Food

Susanne Woodman

21 October 2002 12:55

Eating out

You can get a substantial plateful in Rachel's (Fore Street) for about five pounds a head. For those on a budget, there are also the all-day breakfast at Tesco's Carbis Bay (good view) and cauliflower cheese for 2.95 at one of the pubs in Fore Street (forget which). [Almost certainly The Union].

Otherwise I'd recommend scrambled eggs on toast at the cafe on the corner of Tregenna Hill/Street an Pol, good homemade soup at Cobblestone's (St Andrew's St) (good view of the sea, though the staff can be a bit chilly), delicious plum tart at the Tate cafe, saffron bread and butter pudding at the Porthminster cafe, and warm rock buns at Holland House, Market Square (very good for anything from a cream tea to a toasted sandwich or baked potato - they stay open later than most of the other cafes, and the staff are friendly).

For a proper meal out in the evening, my favourite is Ventura's (Street-an-Pol) - very nice fresh Italian food. Unfortunately Helmut is planning to sell up and isn't open every evening, but I'd recommend it meanwhile. If everywhere seems to be booked solid in the evenings, try Moby's on the Wharf. It's not exotic but there's a reasonable choice.

Best wishes


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