Mine Host

Now, if you are going to attempt the tricksy traverse of Rosewall Hill from this angle there are a few of things, apart from vicious vegetation, that you need to look out for.

Like, for instance, not all the wildlife if your bog-standard flies and midges!

Most of the Reporting Team huddled in nervous trepidation as the Shauns worshipped at the hoofs of 'The Monarch Of The Glen'!

A mysterious creature on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall

Also, those stony, pointy things you could see in the distance are home to various birdy-type things and they can get a bit agitated if you burst in on them unexpectedly.

The birds leg it (or wing it) as you get closer. Some of them are big buggers, too.

Old mine chimney on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 1

Finally, for the benefit of those who just can't live without statistics, I suppose it should be pointed out that recent research has found some interesting facts that you might not be aware of:-

Just because the Cornish tin mines have been reduced to ruin ... Rubble from the disused mine on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall
... doesn't mean that there aren't bits of them still around ... Old mineshaft on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 1
... generally, the bits best left uninvestigated! Old mineshaft on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 2
9 out of 10 experts recommend 'not falling down a mineshaft' as a key element to maximum enjoyment of your holiday ...

... however, should you be having difficulties with the wife/kids/relatives/Tony Blair/etc. Cornwall is a land of opportunity!

Old mineshaft on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 3

Now, at this point, we should be showing you the summit of Rosewall Hill (5 on the map) ... but we don't want to give you that. After all, we didn't get it. The Reporting Team and I backtracked (hence the state of the knees) from whence we had came and continued along the road to Towednack (which is, of course, what you'll be doing if you miss the cunningly disguised sidetracks!).

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