A View To A Hill

As for the natural piles of rocks, I must admit it is a while since I read about it but the Reporting Team claim that they are something to do with Fox's Glacier Mints!

Anyway, their explanation goes something like this:-

During the last ice age Glacier Mints formed which contained lots of big rocks. Then when the Glacier Mints melted they left the piles of rock all heaped up higgledy-piggledy. Then after centuries of wind and rain (or a couple of days last March which felt much the same) all the soft rocks got eroded and the lose soil got washed away, so that all that was left were the big hard stones piled up on top of each other.

That's the theory but sometimes you'd swear blind that someone must have arranged them like that. (Oh well, at least it keeps the alien conspiracy theorists happy!).

Some of the arrangements are quite neat ...

The stones on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 2
... some appear as though hastily thrown together ... The stones on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 3
... whereas, others look distinctly wobbly! The stones on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 4
Here's where the weather has worn away a spot of soft rock from the hard stone ... The stones on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 5
... and here's some water doing likewise even as we speak. The stones on Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 6

Finally, there's one thing you must do when you are up on the heights and that's enjoy the view. Unfortunately, by the time we had been up hill and down dale bringing you this report it had clouded over so we are afraid that the piccies don't really do justice to the scene. Believe us, it's a cracking view on a clear day.

On the other hoof they are all we've got so here you go:-

Looking back towards St. Ives ... view15.jpg (229523 bytes)
... across the fields ... view6.jpg (39940 bytes)
... and out to the bay and Godrevy. view7.jpg (33786 bytes)
Bussow lies nearby ... view8.jpg (55796 bytes)
... while other ruins appear on the horizon. view13.jpg (33626 bytes)
You can just make out the Knill Monument on Steeple Hill. view14.jpg (46447 bytes)
That's St. Michael's Mount in the distance. So you can see both the Channel ... mikes mount1.JPG (37058 bytes)
... and Atlantic sides of the peninsula. view11.jpg (54029 bytes)

And so to bed ... well, work, actually for Jelly. And while he slaved in the kitchen upstairs in the Sloop, the Reporting Team headed downstairs for a well-deserved pint.

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