Anchors Aweigh

Having purchased your ticket where you board your 'vessel du jour' depends on the state of the tide. St. Ives harbour is tidal, you see. (This is an important thing to bear in mind as shall be revealed further on).

The tide is still reasonably high when we are due to set off so we congregate at the end of Smeaton's Pier.

Boat trips fromSt. Ives Harbour, Cornwall 1 And here comes the commodore's launch now .....

Of course, getting on (and off) a smallish boat is never the easiest thing at the best of times. The sea, you see, has a nasty tendency to want to go up and down, even on a calm day. You'd think the Tourist Board would do something about it.

Boat trips fromSt. Ives Harbour, Cornwall 2 If you must insist on falling off the boat try to do so on your return rather than your departure. You spend less time being wet that way!

The other thing to bear in mind is that once you are on the boat it is very difficult to change your mind halfway and go back (unless you are the Man from Atlantis). So, think before you take the plunge.

Boat trips fromSt. Ives Harbour, Cornwall 3 No turning back now. Captain Nemo casts off and takes the controls of the Nautilus.

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