Our Fate Is Sealed

Editorial note: to understand half the references in this next bit you need to have read the 'Seal of Approval' and 'Prisoner of Zennor' sections.

Of course, you've read them haven't you?


Well, there's not much point me writing them if no one bothers reading them.

OK, I'll give you one last chance, go back to the main Spooky St. Ives site and read The Seal Of Approval and The Prisoner of Zennor sections:-

Meanwhile, back at the ranch .....

Seals on Seal Island, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 1 Fed up of being gawped at some of the seals try to make a break for it. Either that or they are going to try to attach limpet mines to the boat .....
Seals on Seal Island, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 2 ..... up periscope.

"Can you see them yet, Bob?"

"Hang on, Frank, I've got the stupid mine stuck on my bum again!"

Seals on Seal Island, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 3 Others are less militant or just too hungover from another late night session in the Tinners Arms to care.


Seals on Seal Island, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 4 Whereas, some are just too young and innocent for their own good .....

"Look, mum, it's David Attenborough."

"Don't be silly, son, they're just tourists. They always migrate over here in the Summer. You stay well clear of them or you'll end up being sent to prison like your cousin Alfie."

Elsewhere, the St. Ives Seal Island Wars continued unabated.

Boat trips to Seal Island, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 1 The unsuspecting tourist failed to notice the rival boat closing in for the kill.

Fortunately, our skipper was on the ball and manouevred us into a defensible position. Cutlasses were issued and a tense stand-off ensued.

Seals on Seal Island, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 2 With neither boat able to bring their torpedoes to bear or close the gap sufficiently to attempt to board, the respective tour parties threw rocks at each other for a few minutes, then decided to head back to St. Ives!

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