The Truth Will Out


Live At The Nettle Bed

Live At The Nettle Bed

(Phil & Paul Downes)


Beer, Downes. Normal service is resumed!

The Keys Of Canterbury

All is going well in the god-bothering business until the Archbishop spots a rather cute looking nun in the audience at one of his gigs in the cathedral. Leaving Thomas A turning in his Bucket he ransacks the vestry and the charity boxes in a desperate attempt to bribe his way into her cassock.

However, she will have nun of it and refuses all his blandishments until the Archbish cunningly fakes a heart attack. As the only qualified first-aider the nun is forced to give him mouth-to-mouth and heart massages!

Rhythm Methodist

Rhythm Methodist

(Phil solo)


Phil's diet for charity clearly paid dividends!


It's a funny (that's funny peculiar, not funny haha) experience being stuck in a snowdrift. If caught out in a blizzard the correct survival technique is to burrow into the snowdrift and build yourself a little nest (don't forget to leave an airhole!). Once safely ensconced within you end up stuck in a blank space, cut off from the outside world, trying to avoid hypothermia and drifting off to sleep.

In many ways, the experience is not totally dissimilar to when you are stuck in hossy where the outside world seems like another planet and you end up passively drifting through the days and nights, more waiting for something NOT to happen than the other way round. ('Cept you don't see Ray Mears doing a survival special in hospital!). 



(Miranda solo)


The world's first concept album to tackle the subject of chocolate?


And to finish on a high note Ö

Are We Alright?

Better than just alright, boys, we think youíre bloody ace!

Sit you down or stand ye up! It mattereth not but there's a drink or twenty in for you next time you're visiting the burg.

We'll even carry Miranda's violin case for her!


If you have enjoyed this presentation ......


..... then you should seek immediate psychiatric therapy!


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