All the odds and sods that I couldn't find a more specific pigeon-hole for.

The Reporting Team recommends:-

Booze & Cues More fun than you can literally shake a stick at from the St. Ives & District Pool League.

Cornish Light

General tourist info.
Cornwall 24 News, views and community for those interested in Cornwall.

Child's play? No, worthy thespianism from the local youthery.
The St. Ivean Get the latest news from this new-fangled electric skeet sheet.
St. Ives Trust Archive Centre Local history.
St. Ives Reminiscence Project The past, for those who can remember it.
Cornwall Bat Hospital Find out what to do when confronted by a distressed bat!
Andrew George MP Our representative in the Big Stench.

Other things to keep you entertained:-

Bitter Sweet - Hwerow Hweg Cornish language film.
Cornwall Tourist Board Travel Information Official website of the Cornish Tourist Board.
Cranstar's Historical Cornwall Cornwall Legends.
Gandolf Dot Com Cornish ghost and folklore legends.
Hospital Info Contact details for hospitals in Cornwall
Men-an-Tol A rock with a hole in it.
Men-an-Tol Studio Books and piccies.
Merry Maidens Megalithic mementos.
Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital & Sanctuary The bird is the word.

National Seal Sanctuary

Aquatic conservationists, etc.
Parish Churches in St. Ives Where to find god in St. Ives.
Penwith District Council The local authority.
Piccy from outer space A satellite piccy of the locality.

St. Ives

The official St. Ives website.
St. Ives Salvation Army Emmets, it's still not too late to save your souls!
St. Ives School St. Ives School's website.
St. Ives Veterinary Surgery Vets, obviously.
The Holy Wells of West Penwith Ancient sites of interest.
Urban75 Mike Slocombe's St. Ives' holiday snaps!
West Penwith Resources Historical records and info.
Wildlife Trust Marine sightings.

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