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[Some are local emporia, while others offer Cornish stuff by mail order or what-have-you]

Bygones Antiques Old stuff.
Celtic Web Design New stuff.
Clipper Maritime Antiques.
Cornish Books Books. (No, honest!)
Cornish Celtic Knitwear Woolly things (not the Shauns).
Cornish Fish Direct Dead fish through your letterbox.
Cornish Mines & Property Services Homeowners/buyers, make sure you don't get shafted by the vendors!
Cornish Stained Glass Stained glass.
D J Cars Taxi!
Fish In A Jiffy Postally-purveyed piscines.
Fulfords Estate Agents House floggers.
Greenwood Wilson Chartered Accountants
Marshall's Estate Agents House floggers.
Miller & Son House floggers.
Miller Commercial Shop floggers.
Potter's Shop, The Ceramics of Cornish wildlife!
Quay Advertising, Design & Publishing Graphic design and publishing house.
Rainbow Hire Stuff you can hire (bed linen, prams, etc.) to save yourself having to lug your own down here.
Seedpower Studios Unfeasible machines!
South By South West Nautical antiques.
St. Ives Design Web designers.
St. Ives Travel Local travel urgents.
Stuarts Bags for all occasions.
The Bear Shop Bears for all occasions.
Vantastic Van hire.
Walker Moyle Accountants.

Some other places you really need to know about but for which I can't find a directly-linked website:-

Barber The Barber (not to be confused with Babar The Elephant!). Run by the legendary Jim Barber, get all the information on St. Ives you need at the cost of a very reasonably priced haircut. 01736 797300 Fish Street
Wind An Sea Surf gear and clothes. 01736 794380 Fore Street
Ferrell's Bakers (pasties, saffron buns, tiger barms, etc. to die for). 01736 797703 Fore Street
John Curnow Butcher (the real deal). 01736 795712 Fore Street
Stennack Surgery Docs. 01736 795237

01736 793333

01736 796413

The Stennack (oddly enough!)
Wharf Post Office PO and cards, postcards, stationery, etc. 01736 795986 The Wharf
Stevens & Sons Fresh fish (mostly local caught). 01736 795135 Back Road West
Harbour Bookshop Books and art. 01736 794973 Tregenna Place

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