Union Trade

The Union Inn, St. Ives, Cornwall

The Union Inn

Fore Street

St. Ives street map showing Union location

A bit on the small side but often overlooked by passers-by. Handy for the shops (i.e. to sit in drinking beer and contemplating life while the wife drags the screaming kids around the town).

The beer is good and the food is excellent stick to your insides stuff at prices that won't see you carted off to a lunatic asylum. Visitors are likely to leave the pub with both their wallets and themselves reasonably full.

Special points of interest are the fascinating collection of old photos covering the walls and watching Mark (the barman) who is about a foot too tall for the low beams!

Mark is also the proud owner of 'Digby The World's Biggest Dog'. Or he will be when his Irish Wolfhound pup is fully grown. At present it is only the size of a Harley Davidson!

Mark, Union Inn, St. Ives, Cornwall

Mark bobs and weaves like Muhammad Ali on the ropes.


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