Getting Away With Daylight Shrubbery!

Don't want to do it the hard way?

Rather get the glory without spilling your guts?

Well, in that case, have I got news for you.

As you have hopefully discovered St. Michael's Way is about as straight as Jeffrey Archer and as logical as a junkie on a bad acid trip!

So, ....

[A deer, a female deer .....]

No, I said 'So', you deaf gits!

All you need to do ..... is [The Shake 'N' Vac] 

No, no, I mean ..... consult the OS Map. A quick skeet will reveal that St. Michael's Way goes the way it does for some unfathomable reason BUT you don't have to do it all [how do Do It All do it all?] 

[Policy Statement: There is no truth in the accusations that terrorvision is used to implant subliminal messages: The Men In Black.

PS. You can't quote us on this because we never said it: The Persons of no particular gender, ethnic origin, species, etc.]

I'm sorry, not sure what happened there. Anyway, as I was mumbling, there is no need to do the full montezuma if you don't want to. You could just do a bit of the walk and there are shortcuts if you want to do an abbreviated version.

F'rinstance, I shall give you an example:- 

If you have been doing the walk from St. Uny's (and took the high road over Hawk's Point) you should emerge here. (2 on Map)

If not, walk up the road over the rail bridge before the station.

Route of St. Michael's Way, Penwith, Cornwall 11
Head up this seemingly (and actually) boring road. Route of St. Michael's Way, Penwith, Cornwall 12
At the top you will discover a crossroads that intersects with the main road into St. Ives ..... Route of St. Michael's Way, Penwith, Cornwall 13
..... you will also discover a not-very-subtle clue! Route of St. Michael's Way, Penwith, Cornwall 14
And here's how it works .....

..... magic, eh?

Map of shortcut for route of St. Michael's Way, Penwith, Cornwall
Go straight over the crossroads and head up here if you are that way inclined ..... Route of St. Michael's Way, Penwith, Cornwall 15
..... but beware!

Seemingly sleepy Cardboard Bay is, in fact, a hot bed of crime!

Route of St. Michael's Way, Penwith, Cornwall 16

The bottom line is that the whole walk, as Lord Melchett in Black Adder II observed, twists and turns ..... like a .....

..... twisty turny thing.

Point is, don't be put off by the whole of the walk (it really is easier than the walk to Zennor), a little careful map-reading can give you a short(er) and (equally) pleasant walk.

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