The Long Stagger To Freedom

For your information there are a number of ways of leaving Zennor to go home. Among the most commonly used are:-

  1. By bus*
  2. By ambulance
  3. By hearse
  4. By car
  5. On foot**

* A regular*** bus service to St. Ives stops at Zennor all year round.

** This method is not recommended unless you brought a spare set of feet with you.

*** i.e. regularly every few hours in the Summer and regularly every other month in the Winter!

And which method do you think this correspondent chose?

Well, think about it. Does he strike you as being a complete and utter fool?

Yep, you're right ..... he walked the coast path all the way back again!

Initially it was easy. I didn't feel a thing as I left the Tinners and strode out towards to Zennor Head for the return journey. Then, after about five minutes, the beer wore off and my feet, ankles and knees did their impression of the Tin Woodman in The Wizard Of Oz ..... before Dorothy found the oil can.

Coast path between Zennor and St. Ives, Cornwall 12 Ah, steepness, I was expecting you .....
Coast path between Zennor and St. Ives, Cornwall 13 ..... and rocks, as well. Do you expect me to give up?

No, Mr. Kelly, we expect you to cry.

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