Paths Of Glory

Want to know how difficult it is going to be?

The view ahead from Clodgy Point, St. Ives, Cornwall Here's a clue as you set out on that fateful journey.

Yes, when Captain Oates spoke those fateful words to Scott of the Antarctic "I'm just going out, I may be some time", he certainly wasn't thinking about walking the coast path to Zennor .....

..... otherwise he would have said "I'm just going out, I doubt if I'll ever be back. In fact, I'd be bloody surprised if I make it as far as the Tinners".

Be warned, as you can see, the coastline is rather crinkly, with a sort of steep and rocky motif. This is not going to a stroll along the beach.


There is a big piccy coming up and it may take some time to download if you open it up. Feel free to skip onwards if you can't stand the suspense.

Panorama of the coast between Zennor and St. Ives, Cornwall

So, as Henry V said, "Once more unto the beaches. Stiffen your sinuses, act like imitation tigers and on this charge cry, God! How much further have I still got to go".

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