Intensive Care

O Zennor, Zennor, beautiful Zennor, I have travelled far to see your wonders .....

..... what do you mean, I just walked past them?

What both of them?

Yes, folks, be warned, Zennor is but a hamlet in the wilds of Cornwall. You will not be able to go shopping in the air-conditioned malls or sit out and drink coffee in the leafy boulevards before catching a flight back from Zennor international airport.

Not that you'll care if you've just done the walk from St. Ives. Anything that isn't a near-vertical scramble over rocks will do just fine!

In Zennor you will find a church (with a mermaid in it) and a hostel for those hiking, travelling types (I think they're called backstabbers or some such). You will also find:-

The Wayside Museum in Zennor, Cornwall A little museum

and the place that you have been feverishly fantasising about for the last two hours

The Tinners Arms, Zennor, Cornwall 1 Is it a dehydration-induced mirage or could it possibly be .....
The Tinners Arms, Zennor, Cornwall 2 ..... that you've died and gone to heaven?

Yes, it's the legendary (let's face it an hour ago it seemed almost mythological) Tinners Arms, wherein landlord, David Care, performs miracles on a daily basis. Yes, I have seen walkers at death's door revived by the healing touch of his beverages.

The Tinners Arms, Zennor, Cornwall 3 Now, if you'll just excuse me for a while, I am going to cuddle up with this pint and see if it wants to be friends with me.

PS. If you're wondering why there are no pictures of the church there was a funeral going on at the time.

PPS. It was the funeral of a man who died on the coast path. See? I told you it was tough!

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