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Outremer In The Balance

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Meanwhile, for those whose who have had a hard day ...

A Brief Pictorial History Of The First Crusade
"It will never work." - Stephen of Blois
Somewhere in the middle of the Middle Ages, at the Council of Clermont, the final eliminators for leadership of the First Crusade had reached a tense climax.
Raymond, Count of Toulouse, gets the gig but was the match rigged? Why was Pope Urban II so sure of Adhemar's claim that Raymond would win?


All across Europe there were heart-rending scenes as the crusaders set off .....


"Oh what grief there was! What sighs, what weeping, what lamentation among friends when husband left his wife so dear to him, his children, his possessions however great, his father and mother, brothers and other relatives! ..... Then husband told wife the time he expected to return, assuring her that if by God's grace he survived he would come back home to her. He commended her to the Lord, kissed her lingeringly, and promised her as she wept that he would return. She, though, fearing that she would never see him again, could not stand but swooned to the ground, mourning her loved one whom she was losing in this life as if her were already dead." - Fulcher of Chartres. 
Meanwhile, back in downtown Byzantium, the Emperor, Alexiad The First, and his daughter, Anna Karenina, joyously prepared to welcome the crusaders. However, the medieval public transport system being what it was, the great European nobles had found that they were running into mounting difficulties.


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