Are You An Emmet?

Well, are you?

Not sure?

Then here is a simple quiz to help you work it out. Just answer the questions (I'm trusting you not to cheat here) and check them off against the answers on the next page.

The scoring system is straightforward:-

Section 1

Award yourself two ants for every question you get wrong. (e.g. if you fail to answer any of question 2 score 4 ants, if you only get one right score 2 ants, etc.).

Section 2

Award yourself five ants for every question you answer 'yes' to.

The object is to score as few ants as possible.

Once you've completed the quiz check your total on the Emmet Scale.

Good luck (unless you're an emmet!).

Section 1

  1. Who is the Mayor of St. Ives?
  2. Who is the MP for St. Ives and which party does he play for?
  3. What is the name of the small rocky headland on the west end (i.e. other end from the Island) of Porthmeor Beach?
  4. What are the names of the two piers?
  5. What is the name of the lighthouse in St. Ives Bay and which famous member of the Bloomsbury Set wrote a book whose title refers to it?
  6. Which brewery makes Doom Bar?
  7. What year was the St. Ives Lifeboat disaster?
  8. What is the name of the ship which sank of the Island whose boiler is still visible at low tide?
  9. Who was the author of The Book Of St. Ives?
  10. What is hurled from the churchyard on Feast Day?
  11. Leaving out Porthmeor, what are the names of the other two main beaches in St. Ives?
  12. What was previously on the site now occupied by the Tate Gallery?
  13. Which Lew Grade film featured Alec Guinness having a slurp in the Sloop and featured Barnoon Cemetery in the closing scenes?
  14. What takes place every five years on Worvas Hill?
  15. What is the name of the small hospital in St. Ives?
  16. Which district council is St. Ives subjugated by?
  17. What is the name of the street that runs from Fore Street to Porthmeor?
  18. What is the name of the river(let) that runs through St. Ives and flooded last November?
  19. What are the names given locally to the two traditional parts of St. Ives?
  20. What is the two letter part of the registration for a St. Ives boat?

Section 2

[Be honest, if you can]

Do you or have you ever:-

  1. Walked in the middle of the streets of St. Ives and been surprised to find a car up your backside?
  2. Ignored the Car Park Full sign and blocked up Island Road queuing anyway?
  3. Driven into St. Ives and then complained about all the traffic as you walk back through town?
  4. Thought that the laws/rules don't apply to you because you're on holiday?
  5. Used someone's letter box as a toilet on New Year's Eve (or any other time)?
  6. Thought that you don't have to bother saying please or thank you because these people are paid to serve you?
  7. Been able to name a St. Ives artist other than Mr. Tate Gallery, Mrs. Barbara Hepworth-Museum or Mr. Leachpottery?
  8. Thought that what St. Ives really needs is a multiplex cinema, McDonalds, theme park, retail park, BMW dealership, etc. ?
  9. Looked up any of the answers to Section 1 elsewhere on Spooky St. Ives?
  10. Lied about your answers to Section 2?

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