This Garden Rocks

Gosh, what an interesting garden!

No wonder people are so keen to visit. Not only does it have some great views but it is one of the few places in St. Ives during the Summer that allows you to get away from the hubbub. ('Far from the maddening crowd' as Thomas Hardly didn't say).

Not only that but the garden has the most unusual geological features I have ever come across. You'd swear blind that some of the rock outcroppings in the garden look almost man-made.

Talk about nature imitating art!

Hepworth garden 1 Hepworth garden 2
Hepworth garden 3 Hepworth garden 4


If you'd rather get some sensible information, why not try:-

If not, why not sing the song that Barbara Hepworth used to lull Henry Moore to sleep with after a long session down the pub:-

"There's a hole in your sculpture, dear Henry, dear, Henry

A hole in your sculpture, dear Henry, a hole"

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