Getting Stuffed In Turkey

Once they reached Asia Minor the crusaders soon began to regret not having booked with Going (Holy) Places. Stragglers and those forced to scavenge for supplies were often easy prey for local bandits, much to the latter's Turkish delight.

For their own protection, the crusaders fortified their overnight encampments.

Meanwhile, having put their faith in god and his ministering angels to provide for them, the Popular Crusade were beginning to wish that they had put their faith in a good map and packed lunches.
"... many of us died of hunger, for a small loaf cost a bezant, and I cannot tell you the price of wine. Our men ate the flesh of the horses and asses, and sold it to one another, a hen cost fifteen shillings, an egg two, and a walnut a penny." - Readers Digesta Frankorum.
"They were even obliged to seek their sustenance far away and in great fear by separating themselves forty or fifty miles from the siege, and there in the mountains they were often killed by the Turks in ambush." - Fulcher of Chartres. The Popular Crusade got ahead of the main army by travelling light. The only problem was that they kept getting lighter.
Meanwhile, despite the many trials and tribulations, the main army rode on undeterred. Bringing faith, hope and charity to all (except those who weren't crusaders as they didn't count obviously) they ecumenically slaughtered moslem, christian, agnostic, atheist, animal, mineral and vegetable in their holy quest. 


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