Dunked In The Drink

Liz Ringrose

14 November 2002 11:13

Hi Guys
We're really shocked to see the pictures of the flooding. Have your homes been affected? Sincerely hope not.
Be careful out there!
Liz Ringrose

Vile Jelly

14 November 2002 17:18

Fortunately not. As we occupy the literal, if not moral, high ground, they have passed us by. The only significant problem being that I was on a double shift during the flood so got soaked going to work, coming back from work, going back to work and coming back from work again. Washing machine is waving a white flag as we speak.
Working again to day so not been out and about much but the Reporting Team inflated their rubber dinghy and went paddling about town so might have a couple of piccies for the weekly news bulletin.
Apart from the flooding a lot of Downlong has no gas (and none likely for three days!) so most sane businesses closed for the day. Consequently the Sloop stayed open and we have been experiencing the delights of trying to cook without the minor technicalities of any deep fryers ..... or an oven ..... or a grill. Laugh? I thought we'd never start.
Trying desperately to drink myself to death tonight as I am on breakfast and lunch tomorrow and not exactly looking forward to the prospect. If I succeed, will you please, with the assistance of the other Spookists, try to ensure that the Reporting Team go to good homes.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've just got to pop down to the hardware store for some meths!

Liz Ringrose

15 November 2002 01:13

Dear Paul
What a bummer! Floods, and no gas. I expect it will be plague and pestilence next.  Glad to hear your property wasn't affected though.
We once had to go without power for a few days and living in the sticks, there was not even a cafe to go and sit in for a cuppa, so I think I can appreciate something of what you're going through. I hope they can restore the gas quickly and the water recedes to where it should be.
Should you now be dead from alcohol poisoning I could easily accommodate most of the team except for hedgehogs (big badger population locally and, as you probably know, they don't mix). Perhaps they could go to the brassica obsessive family in Lincs.
If you are still with us and have run out of meths I could send some sloe gin.

Vile Jelly

15 November 2002 07:00

Still, here I'm afraid. Sloe gin doesn't sound like it will do the job, have you got the quick variety?
Oh well, off to attempt breakfast.
PS. Don't worry about the hedgehogs the Sonics are well hard and can beat badgers with one paw tied behind their backs.
PPS. I don't think Andrew and Helen are 'obsessed' with brassicas as such. I think they just have a naturally healthy fear of the evil they represent! I wouldn't like it if there were armies of them camped all around me.

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