Wreck-less Behaviour


18 December 2002 15:06

Eating in St Ives

We ate in all sorts of places this year. Most were really quite good. Thought the Alba (?) nr the Lifeboat station was extremely pretentious and a rather odd mix of menu. The Sloop was fine as were both Indians. Wonderful hot chocolate whilst watching the boys surfing. Great fish and chips at the Balancing Eel? and the (prettiest waitress in Cornwall) Couldn't find a pint of Wreckers anywhere but never mind.

Nadelik lowen ha blydhen nowydh!!

Vile Jelly

18 December 2002 16:02

Bless you! Both for your contribution and also for that terrific sneeze at
the end of your e-mail.

Never really learned any cornese myself, just a few come words which tend to occur in place names. To be honest I've always regarded attempts to revive dead languages as a bit suspect. Not quite on a par with learning entirely fictitious languages such as Klingon but still a tad suspect. From what treatises I did consult when researching the place names there seems to have been an awful lot of 'second-guessing' in interpretations of surviving elements of the Cornish language. Hell, we can't even seem to come up with a consistent grammar! Still, I suppose arguing the toss keeps professors A, B and C in a job.

No Wreckers round here (or the beer!). Not even sure if they had it on at
the Beerfest as there were a few last minute changes.


18 December 2002 17:24

Someone once said that Cornish was good for saying "Your pig's in the ditch maister but bugger all use for ordering a packet of fags". Probably quite right! - Kindly let me have your website address again as I can't find it. Love the site - Proper Job! - Best rgds


Vile Jelly

18 December 2002 21:35


Cheers for the ringing endorsement. Recently most communiqués have been more in the way of wringing my neck!


19 December 2002 09:55

Keep up the good work in 2003!!! - Have a good one

Vile Jelly

19 December 2002 18:24

I'd love to, where do you get them from?


20 December 2002 10:37

Durdatha whye!

Go out of the house, up along and down a bit then when you reach the beach don't go across it. When you fetch up to the pier you are in the wrong place so go back again. Now having got there you should choose a blue one as the reds are no good (never were) and the yellows don't look too good the day that follows the night before even if you can't get Wreckers. Well that should be quite clear

Tereba nessa


Vile Jelly

20 December 2002 16:10

Aha, that makes perfect sense (especially after a few pints of wreckers). I presume that the blue ones you are referring to are the Sonics. They do have an uncanny ability to find pubs which is why the rest of the Reporting Team always follow them around!

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