Fear Of Flying (Freeholds)!

Simon Coad

24 February 2003 00:51


Weather was good and it's now Monday morning. Have topped up tan now. Didn't enter in the annual race to Rottnest Island.....23 kilometres off Perth.....was a bit rough.

Have decided now to keep the half house...hard to sell half anyway !

Am going to Sydney next week for 5 days on the big plane !


Vile Jelly

24 February 2003 16:32

The big plane? Corks! (and not just on your hat).

You certainly travel in style down there. Must beat trying to get to Cardboard Bay on the big foot!

PS. I don't know about CB but if you've seen some of the (so-called) titles of property for a lot of the houses in Downlong you'd consider 'half a house' to be a cast-iron proof of possession!

Simon Coad

25 February 2003 02:48


Yes, I understand that some of the titles down there in Downlong are
called something like flying freeholds or something. Must be a bit odd
when yours flies off and lands in another street !

My friend bought a house down there somewhere near the Sloop about 4
years ago for 70,000 and now it's valued at 160,000. Sorry can't do
Pound Sterling signs on this comp without a lot of trouble.!

What do they say? Half a house is better than no house???? Well mine
doesn't give any income at all. What a businessman I am???

I am hoping to get a drink in the Sloop this year. Which means of course
I must fly home on the big plane.


Vile Jelly

25 February 2003 09:48

Frankly, I think not even god understands 'flying freeholds'. Half of Downlong seems to exist in some sort of twilight zone. Property appears to be there but actually it's somewhere else and doesn't belong to anyone you can contact without a sťance!

PS. It must a very big plane if it includes England as well as Sydney on
it's commuter run!

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