No News Is Good News?

" (St?) Winwaloe"

03 March 2003 14:26

Potential Blessing

Ah my dear, I'm sorry to hear about the alligators, best thing for them is to tie the snout with a bit of rope then they can't bite. Now this bit about the mines is interesting although I've not heard the one about the mine full of kit under St Ives. Still, one day it will open up and could save your parking problem. Although with a bit of good fortune (and divine intervention?) it might be under The Tat, sorry Tate Gallery, Now if that fell into a big hole it really could be to people's advantage. Hear that Falmouth was the warmest place in the country (the UK not Cornwall) on Sunday. Now it just needs to move West a bit and you can put on your 'cosy.  Think going to the face was called going to Core but not sure. I
will look it up this evening in a book or three. I recall reading a piece on how one particular minor had to walk ten miles to get to work and then ten back in the evening. Probably had the same sort of bus service as local to me.  Your reporting team seems a bit tardy, only minors in their background 'spose - Best way to avoid any stray hardware is to tell the USAF that Cornwall is the target - that should take care of Bristol! - inshallaah - -- W

Vile Jelly

03 March 2003 15:38

Ah but how do you get close enough to tie their snouts without getting snapped up. And what makes you think that such a benighted operation as the Sloop Slave Pits would actually supply you with any rope!

The Reporting Team apologise for the news slippage. At least I think they did. Actually now I come to think of it, it sounded more like 'Bugger off, we're knackered and need a break. Tell him to write the bloody news himself if he's that bothered about it!'

Yes, the weather was glorious yesterday (when I was working) and has been miserable today (when I'm not, until tonight anyway).

Talking of mines, if the RT come back (after departing in high dudgeon) in time should be another glorious St. Ives mine moment in next week's news.

" (St?) Winwaloe"

04 March 2003 14:46

Well getting close is quite easy, it's the other bits that are a problem - still worth a try. Your reporting team have a point, if I get a moment or two I will write them some news and send it down - W

Vile Jelly

04 March 2003 15:56


I trust you speak and write fluent hedgehog. It took me a while to master, I must admit, but that's what they write their notes in (they say it's quicker than shorthand, which is probably true as the Sonics are quicker than everything!).

We await your magnum opus eagerly.

" (St?) Winwaloe"

05 March 2003 09:54

Well no problem here as I recall from an earlier missive that you are something of a linguist! - Will report in English and you can translate for the team. News will be forthcoming I hope - D

Vile Jelly

05 March 2003 15:49

Well, people have commented on my language before. But most of them seem to think it's bad!

" (St?) Winwaloe"

05 March 2003 16:16

A Blessing on you for St Piran's Day - May he and we always inspire (perspire) you -

Vile Jelly

05 March 2003 19:14

Believe me, I/you/we do.

Still, you've got the creedence, I've got clear water ..... maybe we should get together and have a revival!

I see a blue 'hog arising .....

" (St?) Winwaloe"

06 March 2003 09:32

Morning me dear - I think teh clear water could be due to the amount of beer passing the lips and going onwards and downwards! - Up here they recycle it I believe (probably why I only drink beer in the West)- Worried about the rising blue hogs  - could this be another hair look uprising? - - W

Vile Jelly

06 March 2003 09:57

Beer? Never touch the stuff ..... it just slips down my throat without touching the sides!

I think the 'hog rising is more likely to take the form of them conquering the planet and subjugating the human species. And a good thing too!

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