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" (St?) Winwaloe" [Continued from No News Is Good News? ]

10 March 2003 12:29

Re: Potential Blessing

Heard of jugged hair [sic] but not subjugated humans

Vile Jelly

10 March 2003 13:44

You will soon, bwahahahaha!

The RT

PS. If you're wondering how, the Cuddly Animal Liberation Front has secretly installed a muppet in the White House and even now he plots the destruction of the human beans.

" (St?) Winwaloe"

11 March 2003 09:04

Does this explain the bunny-huggers motto "a bird in eh hand is worth two up a bush?"

Vile Jelly

11 March 2003 15:25

Methinks, it's more a case of "There's no point beating about the Bush,
you've got to beat him up to get anywhere".

" (St?) Winwaloe"

12 March 2003 09:23

Yes well I was talking to a friend in sunny downtown Washington and the general opinion amongst the ladies who lunch is that Bush should declare war on the French. Us saintly types also try to be a bit innovative so i suggested he also declare war on the USA, I am told he already has!! - Now, and this is not for general publication or your credibility will be in tatters and shatters, but [CENSORED!]

Not sure when you will receive it as even us Saints have to work. Given up on the astral plane/plain bit but now working on improving my dowsing technique. Will use it next time I am in Belerion to find all that gold you locals are hugging (more profitable than bunnies). Am thinking of bestowing saintly blessings on my favourite fish and chip shop, not a million miles away from the dubious quay side pub!! - Good day to you -

Vile Jelly

12 March 2003 15:45

The Reporting Team are lurking in their abyss awaiting [CENSORED!] with baited hoofs.

PS. Friends in Washington, beer in the Southwold, walks on Bodmin, etc. What are you some sort of international secret agent?

" (St?) Winwaloe"

13 March 2003 15:57

Can't tell it's a secret!!

Vile Jelly

13 March 2003 16:23

So, you can't be working for the CIA or MI6 then!

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