Oh Bug ..... er!

Andrew Macdonald

10 April 2003 08:04



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 8:04 AM


Vile Jelly

10 April 2003 08:25

Eh, what?

Your e-mail had some sort of attachment that my computer violently objected to and has blasted into electronic oblivion.

Explanation, Spock?

Andrew Macdonald

10 April 2003 15:43

Best, probably.

The email wot I attached and sent to you was one I received this morning with no sender, no subject, and no message. Closer investigation by our ever alert cyberguardians and hazard hunters (me) revealed that the return path was you.  There was no attachment, and McAfee showed no viruses. Perchance the RT have configured your virus checker to junk any emails with attachments, or more specifically any attachments ending in .eml.  Do you use Outlook or Outlook Express?

Perchance also, that peradventure it did not come from you at all, but rather from some unknown pc somewhere out there which once communicated with you has been struck by the Klez (or similar) virus.  I could go on, but I won't, otherwise we'd have to charge you vast amounts of money.

Vile Jelly

10 April 2003 16:06

I've got outlook expresso and I am pretty damn sure that I wasn't sending you e-mail at 8:04am.

I've run my Norton several times and can't detect anything so I suspect it is the attack of Dr. Spottytwat and The Cybermen.

Which is worrying.

I'll have (in fairness, split infinitive or not) to publish this to give other communicants a fair warning. As far as I am aware my ISP and my own PC are virus-free but if some twat has hacked my e-mail handle and is using it to spread nasty things then I may have to pull the plug until I am confident the coast is clear.

If you do not hear from me again, do not be offended.

Andrew Macdonald

10 April 2003 17:58

I've run McAfee over this machine thoroughly today with nothing found.

I've been having major problems with receiving emals for the last couple of days due to problems at my internet service denier.  I noticed this afternoon that one of their logs reported that some emails may be received as zero length (see http://www.demon.net/helpdesk/status/status2.shtml  message from Malcolm on 10/04/03 at 13.20).  So this could have been an email that you sent yesterday sometime? (The last one I received from you before this one was on 09/04/03 at 14.34) Also the font seems to have gone back to the basic plain text rather than rich text.  I think it's probable that this is a glitch rather than Dr Spottytwat and the Cybermen.

Did you mean offended or offensive?

Vile Jelly

10 April 2003 18:12

Offensive, preferably. At least it would be a sign that normal communications are back.

Just what I needed now. Thank you, dear, just, kind and merciful lord for kicking me when I am down.

Ah, where are you and Helling, with your vast vats of vin, when I, and the RT, are so desperately in need of spiritual sustenance?

Andrew Macdonald

11 April 2003 08:56

Stop wallowing in the slough of despond, the walberswick of worry, and the garboldisham of gloom.

Demon are still reporting POP3 email problems and problems with zero length messages, so this still looks a likely candidate.  They are apparently attempting to restore the messages, so I might yet receive the original in full.

And stop whinging at the lord; if he didn't kick you when you were down, he'd have to run after you and catch you first, and the poor old boy isn't as quick on his feet as he used to be, and he gets tired very quickly.

Your request will be passed on to the vat mistress.

By the way, I've been meaning to tell you about a recent bizarre conversation about a disciplinarian nurse with no clothes on.  Later.

Andrew Macdonald

11 April 2003 09:07

.... for yet more information, see http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/30194.html

Vile Jelly

11 April 2003 16:43

Cheers, that puts what little is left of my mind at ease.

A pint of Doom Bar for your services next time you're in the burg.

Now, where's that wine?

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