Easter Gone!

Sue Neill

01 May 2003 10:52

St Ives at

Dear vilejelly
This is the first time that I have contacted you but I have been looking at your site for over a year. You inspired me to visit St Ives again last October after a gap of many years. I had very pleasant memories of holidaying as a child and enjoyed 4 days last October staying in your mate Derek's b&b, obviously St Ives had changed, but I still loved it. I persuaded my brother to join me this Easter and we booked an executive 5 star shed at Hayle overlooking the cliffs where we and our two respective sons 10 and 12 agadooded until the early hours. We had 3 field trips into St Ives. We are normal people from Nottingham we could not believe that the place was full of ****heads. Everyone was so full of themselves and had their gobs stuffed full of plums. They all wandered round with their tate stickers on or posed in their posh cars whilst gridlocked along the wharf. All local people were friendly enough it was just the other visitors. On the way down we were talking about the flags with the black crosses on them, on the way back we agreed that we are with you Cornish people. How awful to be invaded by these snobs who take over your town , buy up all your houses for holiday lets and push the prices through the roof for any normal people. So glad to get that off my chest. We did call into the Sloop to see you and spoke to the one that failed at everything so they gave him a gun. Very nice young man! Anyway you were hard at work and then you sneaked out through the back way so didn't get to say hello. I will come to St Ives again though at a quieter time when the ****heads have gone back to wherever they came. 

Thank you. 


Vile Jelly

01 May 2003 17:45

Cheers, m'dear.
I must admit that sometimes it is hard to steer SSI between the Scylla of cynicism and the Charybdis of consumerism. I get the occasional moan from peeps saying I shouldn't be so emmet-unfriendly but then, they don't have to experience what we, and now you, have undergone at their mandibles. I sometimes feel like shaking them by the throat and asking 'if you like this town so much why are you doing your utmost to destroy all it's character'?
It's at that point in the dream that I load the kalashnikov ..... !
I'm sorry I missed you but you have probably realised that during busy times personal availability is a problem. I'd leave the Reporting Team to guard a table for me but (1) I'd worry about them being hog/sheep/etc.-napped and (2) they're very rowdy when they've had a few drinks!
PS. I'll tell Curly you called him 'a very nice YOUNG man'. He'll be so made up he'll probably buy you a pint next time you're down.

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