Warning! Auto-Destruct In Ten Seconds!

Helen Bristol

18 July 2003 17:40

Re: Operation Teabag (its in the little perforations)

Ah yes, start of the skool hols.............isn't it wonderful?  No more queues of cars with kids being driven 500yards to skool, plenty of room in the hospital carpark.  Only downside is the idiot motoring visitors who seem to forget all knowledge of the highway code almost down to driving on the right.  And as for signalling..........I think that has just become a dirty word.
Another hot and humid day todayand not even any breeze off the sea.

Vile Jelly

18 July 2003 21:48

Oh god, don't mention the motorists!
You know what the roads (even the supposedly major ones) are like down here but the ems (well, some of them) still insist on driving with all the care of a suicidally-depressed lemming. Must have been a big one today because the filth closed off the coach road to between St. Ives and Lelant today due to an accident. There's going to be a lot of sagateers who suddenly found themselves on a magical mystery tour of deepest, darkest Penwith today!
To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, when a man is tired of life ..... he drives on the A30 in August.

Helen Bristol

23 July 2003 12:55

Didn't know there was a coach road between anywhere and anywherelse. I must have been admiring the scenery or wondering who the bloke with FE riding in his backpack was........
Its the **(?) annual Lowestoft Airshow next week so they have started rehearsing already.  I am taking the 2 days off as I find it impossible to work with all that din going on and it makes my loppy lugs hurt.  Also I personally think its a wicked waste of money, and considering that the Red Arrows usually take part, its some of my money.  Last year a Harrier Jet ended up in the North Sea................. apparently, after doing its stuff, it turned nose-to-beach to bob a little curtsey but was too near the water................exit one somewhat beetroot-faced pilot.
I was ,obviously mistakenly, under the impression that sagateers took their hols in the (cheaper) off-season.  OK, I know you keep going on about the SI season being 365days but some establishments still seem to cling to the notion that prices are reduced from October to Easter (Christmas and New Year excluded)  You know, the frightening thing is that many of the current sagateers relate to Magical Mystery Tours, Yellow Submarines, and have fond memories of Yesterday. Yes, Jelly, its creeping up on you.

Vile Jelly

24 July 2003 14:29

Have you ever considered launching a Lowestoft Airshow Fringe? e.g. The QQQQ SAM Festival! [I'll leave you to work that one out over a heated BM and a chilled Sancerre!].
Still, don't know what happened on the coach road yet but if you're wondering .....
It's that road you take if you head out of town up t'Stennack, through Hassletown and then hang a left to head back towards Hayle and the A30 .....
..... and yes, I was that person with the FE papoose who ran across the coach road like an amphetamine-crazed bat out of hell trying to dodge the traffic hurtling along like an amphetamine-crazed Michael Schumacher with an urgent meeting!

Helen Bristol

24 July 2003 17:25

BM's at Southwold - again.  Didn't need his brain power to work it out, and the Sancerre was just right.  I think if he'd been here he would have been an over heated BM.
Good news, we've won funding to install Broadband hereabouts (when i say we I don't mean BM, CM and I, rather the local ground who prepared the bid whom we (BMCM&I) support.  So by the autumn it will be possible to fire up the 'puter and not have to put the kettle on and run a bath while waiting for the thing to connect to emus and the internet. Whatever will I do with all the extra spare time?  Oh, I know, practise Sumo. 

Vile Jelly

25 July 2003 08:54

Well, good luck, although I'm not so sure it's such a good idea to practice Sumo on your computer. They are still quite delicate things and it might short-circuit if it gets salt in its electronic entrails!
We got it (blueband not Sumo) a few months back but to be honest I couldn't really think of anything I needed it for. I don't do on-line gaming and it takes far far longer to write SSI than it does to upload it so I couldn't justify the extra cost (especially on Slave Pit rates!). You might have to keep an eye on CM, though. Back when I was lodging in Island Road the parents' cats kept trying to surreptitiously use my computer. Due to a misunderstanding they thought there was lots of prawn on the internet!

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