Cat A Tonic?

Helen Bristol

Re: thoughts from the orient

01 August 2003 16:16

Plane spotting's too dangerous..............someone might mistake me for an enthusiast for things military. Are they all called Mark?
CM doesn't need them, he's got perfect night vision........he can find his way up to our bedroom in the dark, nip down for a midnight snack and back upstairs again, no probs.  What he fails to understand is that we humans are a bit averse to being woken up at 4 or 5 a.m. (when its light - we're talking summer, here) just to be escorted downstairs to finish his midnight snackette.  BM thinks its something to do with the Troll under the stairs which CM can't see (despite his perfect night vision) if its dark. I think he's just being a perverse pussy. 

Vile Jelly

04 August 2003 08:09

Can't fault your logic. As far as I am concerned cats are the root of all evil.
When I've got some time (i.e. mid-November, probably) remind me to tell you about our fleabags and the pogo sticks!

Helen Bristol

04 August 2003 17:38

T'would be a brave man who tried to fault female logic.  Can't agree with you about cats (neither does CM, but he won't get spiteful like some humans do). 
The concept of pogo-ing cats is intriguing.
PS Keep smiling..............................they'll wonder what you've put in the chips.

Vile Jelly

04 August 2003 18:23

Well, you've heard about the mind-bending effects of acute sleep deprivation .....
..... well, maybe if you consider that I spent much of last year being constantly woken up by the aforementioned fleabags and pogo-sticks you will find that SSI starts to make sense!

Helen Bristol

05 August 2003 17:45

What were they doing with their pogo sticks? Do they pogo on the bed, or in the roof-space like our soccer-loving starlings or what?  SSI makes perfect sense to me without sleep deprivation so where does that put me on the sanity-scale?

Vile Jelly

06 August 2003 19:02

I still have nightmares about it.

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