Slooper Sunday!

Ron Parkin

29 January 2002 13:51

Sloop Inn and your site

Hey there [Do you mind! If you want to be formal the correct term of address for Vile Jelly (as patented by Ian Appleyard) is 'Oi ugly!']

Visited your site last week in a frantic attempt to find out where to go whilst in St Ives for the weekend.

Spent a great weekend enjoying the lashing rain and gale force winds (seriously, not tongue in cheek) around what has to be one of finest coastlines in the UK.

Sunday morning found us in Marazion and we drove ALL THE WAY up to the Sloop [We're not surprised you felt in need of a drink after finding yourself in Marazion on Sunday morning. With all due respect to the place, we don't think you could even qualify it as a one horse town (maybe a half a horse town?). And at this time of year even the house on St. Mike's Mount is shut.] for lunch. 

Bloody fantastic - amazingly priced Ale, good service, good buzz, and a superb crab sandwich. We staggered out a couple of hours later for a wander around the Coastal Walk for a couple of hours, only to find ourselves naturally gravitating towards The Sloop in the face of increasingly gale force winds - at £1-20 a pint there was no stopping us! [Yes, it was a tad bracing over the weekend, wasn't it? We must admit that we did cower in the Sloop on Sunday lunchtime. There's something very therapeutic about being in the public bar thinking "I'm warm, the beer's good and the company's excellent and, well, if there is a world outside there I'm sure it can manage on it's own".]

We had a few more. [So did we. The Sonics felt quite green the following morning, which is a good trick for them!]

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your site was very useful and your Sloop recommendation was absolutely spot on for us Travellers from the Midlands.

Definitely be recommending and visiting again SOON.

Thanks again

Ron and Linda

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