Lost And Found

David Morgan-Fisher

13 February 2002 19:49


Just found (well actually, was pointed to by a friend who spotted my name) your irreverent, but frighteningly honest site. [If you think the honesty is frightening, you should see Vile Jelly's face!]
Angie-c is asking after me. (See previous Invisible Man e-mail from way back). The only Angie I can think of is the wife of an old (older than me) work-mate called John Morris. If it's not him, then I deny everything. [So do we ..... constantly!]
Perhaps you'd be so kind as to forward my e-mail address to the sender.
Dave Fisher.
I'm mortified that you haven't heard of the Big Daddy Duo. We've only been at it for ten years, and singing a lot longer than that! [Hell, I wouldn't worry about it, Jelly is still struggling with these new-fangled concepts like fire and the wheel. We're sure he'll get round to finding out about you eventually.]

So, is the mysterious caller the missing man whom Angie C is looking for? Is she the Angie he thinks he knows? Are they long-lost friends or just identical strangers? Is this the real life or is it just fantasy?

We'll let you know if the mystery is ever solved and, more importantly, the promised beer is ever forthcoming!

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