Fisher's Circle!


15 February 2002 20:10

Re: Missing In Action?

Paul Kelly, you are a star!!
It is indeed the Dave Fisher we are looking for, however he has the wrong Angie. One of our colleagues was John Morris, (and wife Angie), but he would know myself, Eddie Cole, and my (now wife) as Angie Ruthen. I would be most grateful if you would pass on his e-mail address and will contact you when we come down to see him to deliver on my promise to buy you a beer. (or two).
Whoever said that Cornwall was full of yokels [you can't accuse Jelly of being a yokel, he doesn't even like eggs!], you lot are techno heads! [That's not what most people call Jelly, but, admittedly, what they do call him does end in 'head'!]

We love a happy ending ..... although, so far this isn't one as there is still no sign of the beer. Bah!

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