All Shit-Shaped And Bristol Fashion!

Gill Richards

04 August 2003 11:45


er, that was my point.

Noticed the web site news. You are definitely working too hard. A colleague has just come back after a week in Cornwall and on a few day trips to St Ives he said it "wasn't too busy". Did he pick a rainy day? Still we're meant to be having a heat wave this week, so perhaps the crowds will stay on the beach and eat ice cream

My father was sad to leave St Ives as he discovered the joys of Doom Bar, but has now got a smile on his face as it has found it's way to Bristol, just round the corner from where he lives. (the beer, not his face obviously that would come to Bristol when he did)

Vile Jelly

04 August 2003 18:23


Saturday (when I was on duty from 9am to 10pm) was officially the worst day that anyone could remember for a long time.

So much for 'not very busy'!

PS. Any decent jobs going in Brissle? If they've got Doom Bar there then there's no need for me to hang around here getting crucified for the next couple of months.

Gill Richards

05 August 2003 08:22


Are you allowed to work for that long? Legally i mean, seems a bit excessive, hope you had plenty of breaks. Does seem a bit busy! Actually i'm surprised. It was the 'Harbour festival of the sea' (locally known at the 'Rega'uh) at the weekend and judging by the photos (i didn't go anywhere near it) the city docks were full to busting. The reporter said it was taking him 3 mins to walk across a bridge that should take 10 seconds. Ugh. Can't stand that many people in one place. The fireworks sounded good though. Unfortunately although i can hear them from where i live i can't quite see as there is a row of houses in the way. A good bet and one that many people my way take is to walk half way down the main road and then you can see all over the centre of Bristol and see all the fireworks for free! It was great at the millennium, went on for ages!! It's the Balloon Fiesta next weekend. More traffic jams clogging the centre. I don't go there either, but if you get up early enough and/or the wind is blowing the right way you get a free show as all the balloons fly over the garden! In past years the wind has been lethal and there are stories of balloons landing in all sorts of strange places. One flew under the Clifton suspension bridge once. Illegal apparently, but i don't see what the pilot could have done.

Father missed the Doom Bar, it went in hours. Fortunately the landlord has his head screwed on and is ordering some more post haste. I don't know about the employment market in catering. There are certainly an awful lot of decent eateries in Bristol and more opening regularly, a girl doesn't know where to go!  If you're serious though, i'll nose about for the best place to enquire and let you have details.

Vile Jelly

05 August 2003 15:48

There quite possibly are laws about that sort of thing but as there's no police down here to enforce anything .....

Of course, the bottom line is the same as in any area of substantial poverty. People are too desperate for some sort of work, no matter how badly paid, to be in a position to rock the boat. And, of course, we can't expect any support from the Almighty Emmet, who just wants to use and abuse the place and people.

As we are officially one of the poorest areas in the EU it is hardly surprising that we share an existence similar to those who work in places like Southern Italy and Greece. No one worries about the cooks/waiters/bar staff who are earning two beans a week, they just think how marvellous it is that everything is so cheap and everyone is so desperate for money they'll do almost anything! There is the blackest of black economies operating down here. It's the only way many people can make ends meet.

On that cheerful note, it's back to the Slave Pits.

PS. In answer to your original query, today I started at 9am, I finished the lunch shift at 3.15pm, I am back on at 4.30pm and will finish between 9.30 and 10pm. I am then back on again at 9am tomorrow. And no, apart from the gap between lunch and dinner shifts we do not get any breaks.

Gill Richards

05 August 2003 16:25

blige. roll on October....

in answer to my second query, do you want me to look for catering agencies?

Vile Jelly

06 August 2003 08:23

Not at the minute, ta. I am concentrating on cultivating my connections with the chefing mafia down here as most of them have worked elsewhere in the UK before coming down here.

I'll let you know if I need any assistance in the Bristol area (as Dolly Parton would say!).

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's feeding time for the chimps again.

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