Anyone Who Had A Bart

Helen Bristol

04 August 2003 17:28


I knew I was right.  That cynical thing was just a cold front really you are as warm and sunny as the rest of us.  
PS know you're flat out so don't EXPECT a reply, though it would be nice. 

Vile Jelly

04 August 2003 18:24

I am a self-confessed staunch supporter of cuddly people ..... It's humans I have acute difficulties liking!

Helen Bristol

05 August 2003 17:40

That's the trouble when you generalise............................try thinking of peeps as cuddly people.  I remember a small girl peering up over the edge of a table and saying to me 'You look like a cow' ...................shock, horror.....................'you've got big brown eyes' (she didn't mention the horns)
What's the weather like down there?  You know it is HOT when the Dept. of Health (so called) issues advice about how to survive.  Apparently its important to let your bod cool down at night after the heat of the day.  What dull lives they must lead!  Must affect your gang even more working in the Slave Pits.
BM drove to Liverpool and back today ......he must be mad...........hope the aircon worked.

Vile Jelly

06 August 2003 19:02

But humans aren't cuddly people!
The weather here is hotmisty. Strange but true. We laughed cynically at all those 'oppressed' shop workers who are being forced to undergo acute temperature torment.
No one cares about the kitchen workers, eh? We're not people, we're just there to make life easier for all the suffering office workers.

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