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Helen Bristol

11 August 2003 17:55

'Tis me again.
BM said something yesterday about having been stung on three I missing something here?  Can't just be the soaring temperature.      Maybe that dream about a Centaur wasn't................

Vile Jelly

12 August 2003 18:07

Nettle stings can cause delirium, y'know.
You saw the state of my legs after the Rosewall Hill Expedition and I've been delirious ever since.
PS. Was the Centaur forward?

Helen Bristol

13 August 2003 10:29

I thought that was your "normal" mental state.  Weren't you more concerned about deer tics on Rosewall?  Enywhey, it was BM wot got stung not yours truly and me wot woz dreaming.
Might have been.....................could have just been playing footsie +++

Vile Jelly

13 August 2003 11:15

It was BM who came up with the deer tics idea.
I humoured him but suspected that, as I had spent the day wading through gorse, brambles and nettles and not deer, his theory was a tad tenuous to say the least.
PS. Today was supposed to be a day off but I got blasted out of bed (and sleep) at 7.30am cos one of the chefs had gone sick and so I had to run in and burn the resis brekkies until they could find someone else to take over. Nice start to the day.
And people wonder why I am so bad-tempered ..... !

Helen Bristol

13 August 2003 13:14

Were you planning on going on another Adventure today before you were so rudely awakened?  Don't know why BM has this thing about deer tics except that they are prevalent here-abouts and can cause a nasty rheumatoid condition............ not that I want to put you off your ramblings.
 There was a bit in the paper today - wannabe teen journalist section - 16 year old (down boy!) on hols in SI with her friend and not liking it as it wasn't the sort of holiday she imagined it would be....... surf, sun, sand, boys (too snobby).  Sort of happy ending in that she grew up...... no that's not a happy ending.  We were talking at work yesterday about behaving in a more mature way .............I said why?
PS won't keep you tied to the keyboard all day.  Enjoy the rest off your day off. 

Vile Jelly

13 August 2003 14:34

What's left of it is turning into a shambles.
I think it was the 20,000 volts first thing in the morning. OD'd on adrenalin and can't get my shit together.
What can I say?
Except ...... burble!
PS. Talking of not growing up, I stuck my head into the Stennack Surgery to see how Mike was. He wasn't there but the local charity table was.
With a Flat Eric, whom I released from human bondage for the princely sum of £1.50. FE1 most happy, as are the rest of the RT. Another norphan successfully rescued and I even gave to charity as well!
Hopefully I will get my reward in the afterlife ..... unless of course, etc.

Helen Bristol

13 August 2003 17:26

You burble so sweetly!!!!!
You'll get your just rewards.................... somewhere.................You'll soon have to decamp into a larger norphanage...............would the Tat be big enough?
PS who's Mike?

Vile Jelly

14 August 2003 15:20

The malingering chef.

Helen Bristol

14 August 2003 17:38

So what was he doing at the surgery?  apart from swinging the lead.

Vile Jelly

15 August 2003 09:59

Having tests done on him.
Presumably to see if they could squeeze more work out of him before he dies.

Helen Bristol

15 August 2003 17:27

Oh well, every cloud has a silver thingy, as FE2 will agree.  By the way, how is he (I suppose it is a he) settling in?
Does Mike's poor health mean more shifts for you?  Bet you'll enjoy the extra dosh at the end of the week!
PS Caught CM with his nose in a bowl of marinading top-of-leg-of-lamb steaks.  My fault I guess for not covering them but I didn't think he would be partial to garlic and basil.  Best I go and see what he fancies with the minced lamb tonight, the butcher is a bit dim on the difference between 3/4 and 1lb.  

Vile Jelly

15 August 2003 21:31

FE2 is doing fine (of course he's a bloke with a name like Eric!). The RT are already giving him constant counselling to help him recover from his human traumas.
Mike's poor health just means working 7 violently unpleasant days a week for me. Tonight was utterly foul. Everyone's out on their feet. I don't think things can carry on this way much longer.
Still, as you say, every cloud etc. All that 'extra money' I'm earning plus the money due for holidays I can never take should provide a small financial cushion to sustain me through a brief period of unemployment. Actually, the pay's bugger all so the cushion's bugger all as well but it's a nice thought.
We've made a pact. Anyone who quits will tip the rest of us off so we can get out at the same time. Our knives are packed and we're ready to roll.


He's happy .....

 ..... but why won't someone save me from humans?

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