Little Initiative

Sue Neill

09 September 2003 22:11

glad to be back

Greetings from Gotham

hope all is well in St Ives. I have just returned from Scarborough, didn't see the fair just a few car boot sales. also didn't see many people under 70 as all the other kids had returned to their rightful places at school. I have never seen so many tight perms and blue rinses in all my life. also a bit lacking in the males of the species just lots of genteel ladies. My sprog was mortified that ' the whole world knows' that he isn't back at school yet because it is being rebuilt. He wishes to make it known to the whole world that his school isn't having to be rebuilt because the little darlings blew it up or burnt it down but because some deal has been struck (called PFI) I think that is Private Finance Initiative, between the council and a major player in the construction industry where by the builders build a huge new school on green belt in exchange for the land on which stood the old school, to build a huge number of executive houses. The council has thus got a new school, even thogh they will never own it at no cost to them. Just hope it all works out, not too good a start though it should have been ready in May and we are now in September. Enough of my ramblings you do have to be slightly insane to live in Gotham , we are the ones who are in the doomsday book who built the fence around the cuckoo bush to keep the birds in so that King John thought us all insane and didn't make us pay taxes..... wonder if they got a new school too Take care in them there kitchens   Sue Neill

Ps I bet the whole world is thinking  ' I thought this was about St Ives'  NEXT.......

Vile Jelly

10 September 2003 09:59

Honestly, what's wrong with sprogs these days? If my school had ever been in a state of semi de/construction the first thing that I would have tried to claim was that we'd blown it up! What a dull creature, I bet he/she/it grows up to be an accountant.
PS. I'd keep quiet about your cuckoo bush if I were you. Mad Maeve will probably want to make them into pies or some such!

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