Feeding The 5000!

Helen Bristol

27 September 2003 18:10

Re: I Blame Bill Gates!

Now don't get me going on THAT.................... 7 days a week - full time job, housefrau, mistress and mother ............what male of the species manages all that and has a social life??  That's why I deservs my hols
Know all about maternity leave - these young wimmin who get themselves pregnant and take months off.   BM, not on pat. leave to the best of my knowledge  - he'd bloody well better not be......
My place as in East Angular, Chez Nous, or the NHS?  Vacancies all round no need to apply just turn up.
Moi, looking smug? perish the thought :-(  just crossed another day off the calender........................

Vile Jelly

28 September 2003 08:32

Who do you think does my cooking, cleaning and washing? Certainly not the RT, they are always out (usually at the pub). Besides you've got it easy because you're always telling me that BM is on some other part of the planet so all you've got to do is lounge about in the evenings awaiting for the escort agency to deliver!
Got to go. Feeding the effing artyfartys again. So, that's breakfast, lunch, buffet and then dinner. What a lovely life, eh?

Helen Bristol

28 September 2003 11:27

Dream on.
PS these artyfarty do's seem to come round with alarming speed - seems like only yesterday that you were complaining about them...........come to think of it, it prob'ly was.

Vile Jelly

29 September 2003 09:22

Well, we had a 'bonus' one about three weeks ago.
Whatever happened to the days when they had to suffer and starve for their art. Now, the only risks they take are those of cardiac arrest and chronic obesity!

Helen Bristol

29 September 2003 18:20

At least its over for another year.  I suppose its too much to expect that you had a "thank you"?  No, I thought not.  The food's that good is it?  All fresh and wholesome and orgasmic.
What could have been a highly stressful day today, necessitating downing a G & T or 2 to promote recovery or oblivion, turned out to be smooth sailing so I'll have to find another excuse.  I know, winding down towards my holiday.  Sorry, I know I shouldn't keep on about it but it seems like weeks since I last had one. What's the weather doing down there,  I can't make up my mind what to pack and the truck has only limited luggage space, perhaps just 10 pairs of shoes,  oh, decisions, decisions.
PS msut away now as BM will be back soon and I can't have him thinking I spend all my spare time chatting to you.
PPS CM is getting insistent that its his teatime

Vile Jelly

30 September 2003 09:05

How about you needed them to recover from the shock of things not going completely prune-shaped?
Weather is changeable at the mo. Sort of sunny/cloudy/dry/rainy/warm/cool at random intervals of half an hour or less. Suggest you pack everything just in case. You could stash the excess baggage in BM's tanker!
PS. I bought the parents' cats an electric tin opener to get round the food-pestering prob.

Helen Bristol

30 September 2003 18:34

CM can't even manage a knife and fork so doubt he'd cope with any electronic gizmos.
I knew I'd probably have to pack the spring/summer/autumn/winter collections.   I'm too brain-dead to make any rational decisions tonight, roll on 4.30 tomorrow afternoon - I won't care then what happens in Lowstoff (not true - I will, I just won't do anything about it.)  Think we might need a trailer. 
 PS What with the polythene curtain draped around the stairs CM is now positive there IS a Troll camping under there

Vile Jelly

01 October 2003 10:22

But leccy tin-openers are easier to operate than manual tools.
OK. How about:
PS. Eh? What polythene curtain? What stairs?

Helen Bristol

01 October 2003 17:50

Shouldn't that read "For Doom the Belle Tolls"?
Oh, that's the latest in builder chic.  The stairwell is artfully draped to give the effect of looking through a large dirty window.  At the foot of the stairs it is tastefully draped to one side to allow access to the first floor.  Because of the buildibg /painting works the doors and windows have been left open so the whole curtain wafts in the through-draught.
PS we used to use a firemans pole (you will remember BM's penchant for the fire service) but it was a bit hard on my back and other bits so we splashed out and had a staircase installed.

Vile Jelly

02 October 2003 17:09

Ah well, in that case tell CM not to worry, I'm sure that there isn't a troll under there .....
..... on the other hand, given Orm's penchant for sturdy stairposts maybe he should worry!

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